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Meet Decision Makers From:

  • Automotive OEMs
  • Tier 1 and 2 Suppliers
  • Engineering Consultancies
  • Advanced/Sustainable Material Manufacturers
  • Software Solutions
  • Blockchain Solutions
  • Recycling & Reuse Companies

With The Following Job Titles:

SVP, VP, Chief, Principal, Director, Head, Manager, General Manager of -

  • Life Cycle, Life Cycle Analysis, LCA/Life Cycle Assessment
  • Sustainability / Sustainable
  • Carbon Neutrality / Carbon Neutral
  • Environment / Environmental
  • Circular Economy
  • End Of Life 
  • Remanufacturing
  • Renewable
  • Natural Fibres / Biomaterials
  • Sustainable Materials
  • Materials Engineering
  • Plastics, Coatings & Adhesives
  • Advanced Materials
  • Decarbonization
  • Recycling / Recyclability
  • Battery Technology
  • Adhesive Debonding
  • ESG / Environmental, Social & Governance
  • Government/Governance/Regulatory/Regulation
  • HSE / EHS / Environmental Health & Safety



Don't just take our word for it - see what previous attendees had to say about our LCA virtual conference.

Director, Ford of Europe
"Interesting mix of topics"

Senior Expert, Environmental Strategy, Volvo Cars "A good way of getting an easy overview of what is happening in the automotive industry with regards to LCA, battery recycling and low CO2 materials."

Project Leader, Imperial College, London "An excellent platform for the online meeting era!" 

Product Leader - Composites, Johns Manville
"This was a very balanced event in terms of content, speakers openness and quality of information. The size was also excellent, as it provided opportunities for networking and genuine conversations." 

R&D Center Manager - Constellium UTC - UK "Excellent and comprehensive choice of topics, delivered in very clear and engaging presentations."

Marketing Manager Automotive, Allnex "Excellent conference to quickly get an overview of all major issues with regards to sustainability/ circular economy in the automotive industry"

Head of Tech, Hydro "Excellent venue to learn about the effort and commitment the entire automotive industry is putting into tackling the climate challenge"

Global Advanced Technology & Application PM, Gestamp "Good format with host managing the activities, questions and interaction very well, good personality and energy to ensure audience remains engaged"         

Assistant Technical Manager, DENSO Automotive Deutschland GmbH "LCA is becoming a crucial tool for our carbon neutrality activities in our company, which is why the LCA & Sustainable Vehicle Congress is an important event to connect and get new insights into LCA developments."

Director Beyond Steel Ltd "Valuable update on the progress of OEMs towards their circular production"

EHS & Sustainability Supervisor, Coficab "Very nice table of speakers and many knowledge shared during these days."

H.B.Fuller Deutschland GmbH "Nice event to understand what mobility in the future might look like."

Project/Process Manager,  ASAP Engineering GmbH
"Very interesting conference giving insights to current challenges in the context of LCA and sustainability."

Sika Global Business Management AG, SIKA "It's great to see all the efforts for sustainability in the automotive industry."

Chief Advanced Development Officer of Composites Business Unit, Teijin Limited "It was a great opportunity to hear real voice of automotive OEMs and commercial/academic players in sustainability business." 


DAY 1 - LCA Calculations, Decarbonization And Non-Metal Sustainable Materials

  • STRATEGIC LEVEL OEM PERSPECTIVES - OEM Roadmaps On Working With Materials And Component Suppliers To Achieve Decarbonization Goals
  • LCA CALCULATIONS AND STANDARDIZATION PANEL - Applying LCA Methodologies To Be More Consistent And Ultimately More Simple For Customers To Understand
  • DESIGN FOR RECYCLING AND DISASSEMBLY - Incorporating Sustainable Circularity Principles Into Non-Metal Material Sustainability

DAY 2 - EV Battery Circularity, End-Of-Life Handling And New Eco-Fuel Concepts

  • BREAKFAST BRIEFING - 5-10-Year Prognosis For Procuring Sustainable Battery Raw Materials And Establishing A Domestic US Supply Chain 
  • STRATEGIC LEVEL BATTERY RECYCLING AND END OF LIFE  - Application Of Circularity Concepts In The Construction Of A Battery Raw Material Recycling A Second Life Value Chain - OEM Plans And Roadmaps Working With Battery Material And Recycling Partners 
  • BATTERY DESIGN FOR RECYCLING PANEL - Forming Close Collaboration With OEMS Around Battery Design To Consider End-Of-Life Recycling At The Design Stage 
  • DELIVERING A SECOND LIFE BATTERY APPROACH THAT WORKS - Comparing Pathways For EV Battery Second Life That Is Effective 
  • CONSIDERING SAFELY AND TRANSPORT FOR BATTERY RECYCLING - Coordinating The Transportation Of Used Batteries For Recycling Purposes Despite The Fact That Lithium Batteries Are Considered To Be Hazardous Materials 
  • E MOTOR MATERIAL RECYCLING - Recycling Materials In The Electric Motors Including Copper Extraction 
    “An engaging and thought-provoking discussion on E fuels & The Impact On Carbon Neutral Vehicles & Sustainability”  

DAY 3:

  • Learning About The Foundations Of LCA And  How To Perform The Calculations For Tier 1,2 & 3 Vendors
    A Practical Step By Step Guide, For The Tier 1 – 3 Supply Chain, On How To Complete A LCA Calculation


  • “Collaborating On LCA Standardization In The Automotive Industry” 
    For experienced practitioners of LCA calculations who are looking to collaborate with OEMs and the supply chain to find solutions for greater standardization 

Full Workshop Information Here


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