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  • Automotive OEMs
  • Tier 1 and 2 Suppliers
  • Engineering Consultancies
  • Advanced/Sustainable Material Manufacturers
  • Software Solutions
  • Blockchain Solutions
  • Recycling & Reuse Companies

With The Following Job Titles:

SVP, VP, Chief, Principal, Director, Head, Manager, General Manager of -

  • Life Cycle, Life Cycle Analysis, LCA/Life Cycle Assessment
  • Sustainability / Sustainable
  • Carbon Neutrality / Carbon Neutral
  • Environment / Environmental
  • Circular Economy
  • Remanufacturing
  • Renewable
  • Natural Fibres / Biomaterials
  • Decarbonization
  • Recycling / Recyclability
  • ESG / Environmental, Social & Governance
  • Government/Governance/Regulatory/Regulation
  • HSE / EHS / Environmental Health & Safety

Heads, VPs, Directors of:

  • Supply Chain
  • Procurement

Real World Case Studies From Industry Leading North American OEMs & Suppliers 


The Next Installment Of Carbon Neutral Vehicles & LCA Congress
Will Take Place Virtually On December 13-14, EST

“We all understand that the automotive industry needs to reduce carbon.
But what the industry really needs is clarity on measuring emissions
across the lifecycle, especially the end-of-life portion” 

For 2022 one of the key sustainability questions facing automotive OEMs is, how to identify the most cost-effective strategies to calculate and reduce carbon across the whole vehicle life cycle. With changing legislation following the new Biden administration as well as a push for Carbon Neutrality by 2050, 2022 is the perfect time for the automotive industry to come together & formulate a roadmap to a future that embraces carbon reduction and recyclability. 

Identifying The Roadmap To Achieve Science Based Carbon Reduction Targets Across The Entire Vehicle Lifecycle

We are at a point of seismic shift towards sustainability in the automotive industry, which leads to the question, what are the next steps to take to achieve environmentally focused goals?

Following extensive consultations with OEMs & Suppliers across North America, the Carbon Neutral Vehicles & LCA Virtual Congress responds to the needs of the increasingly sustainability focused industry. We will identify cost effective solutions to calculate and achieve net zero for the whole vehicle, plan strategically for the future use of sustainable materials and investigate opportunities to scale up handling of end of life. 

Day One - Calculating Emissions Across The Whole Life Cycle

‘How are companies going to get to net-zero? Many have targets for carbon neutrality, but what are the specific actions to get there & what do those targets encompass in terms of life cycle?’ 

The goal of carbon neutrality has been set, but there are two key issues which must be overcome to achieve it:

  • How to strategically plan from today to ensure future carbon neutral targets are met. 
  • How to measure emissions effectively throughout the vehicle life cycle to ensure future carbon neutrality claims are accurate. 

Day one will help you strategically & cost effectively  plan to achieve science based carbon neutrality targets with accurate & standardized emission measurement by providing real life case studies from OEM industry leaders. 

  • Form An Action-Plan To Achieve Carbon Neutrality Targets
  • Evaluate The Pros & Cons Of Competing LCA & Carbon Measurement Methodologies
  • Define A Clear Approach To Account For Emissions, Including Scope Three
  • Handling End Of Life For Materials & Batteries

Day Two - Future Roadmaps Evaluating The Availability Of Low Carbon Materials, Handling End Of Life & Implementing Circularity 

‘Everything we use on a car is not 100% recyclable or sustainable, so how is that seismic shift going to occur in a material space, in financial terms as well?’

Decreasing carbon emission & increasing recyclability/re-use of materials is a key challenge that must be addressed to increase sustainability levels. 

Day two takes a holistic & strategic approach to examining how these challenges can be overcome in a cost-effective manner:

  • Cost Effectively Make The Shift To More Sustainable & Recyclable Materials With A Lower Carbon Footprint 
  • Evaluate The Carbon Neutral Future Of Steel, Aluminum, Magnesium, Plastics, Composites & Biodegradable Materials
  • Build Circularity Into Waste Streams 
  • Identify The Roadmap Ahead On Working With Suppliers To Reduce Carbon Footprint Of The Manufacturing Supply Chain

Day Three - Battery End Of Life Strategic Planning & Partnership Opportunities

‘What can we do to increase end of life battery sustainability, who has the solutions & how close are they to being sustainable business models?’

With the movement towards the predominant use of EV’s the question of how to deal with mass battery end of life is key. Due to this importance we have dedicated the entirety of day three to presenting differing methodologies & their financial viability regarding how to deal with &  scale-up battery end of life operations to cope with future demand:

  • Assess Commercially Viable Pathways For Scaling Up Battery Recycling & Reuse 
  • Find Cost Effective Solutions To Address Battery End Of Life Challenges
  • Discover Potential Partnership Opportunities Within The Battery Component & Chemistry Recycling Supply Base & Specialty Markets For Reuse
  • Strategically Plan For The Future Of The Stationary Battery Market 

Never Miss A Moment With Our Virtual Platform

Our tried and tested Live Stream technology means you can attend our entire 3 day event from the comfort of your own home or office. Never miss a second with the ability to replay any session. Virtual doesn’t mean missing out on networking opportunities; use our themed chat rooms or make your own specific rooms to network on video with any attendees of your choice and utilize the direct messaging function to communicate with attendees and speakers.

"An excellent platform for the online meeting era!" 

"I would like to commend you on the quality of this conference.
The presentations were insightful and it attracted key members in the EV industry" 

Book Now To Hear OEMs Share Their Roadmaps To A More Sustainable & Financially Viable Future
So You Can Begin Strategically Planning For The Next 20/30 Years Of Sustainability Targets



Accounting For Co2 Emissions Throughout The Entire Vehicle Life Cycle & Supply Chain

  • OEM Strategies & Roadmaps To Achieve Science Based Carbon Reduction Targets Across The Entire Vehicle Lifecycle
  • Gain Clarity On The Current Status & Future Direction Of Federal Policy On Carbon Reduction & State Level Mandates On Sustainable Mobility
  • Gain Clarity On The Current Status & Future Direction Of Federal Policy On Carbon Reduction & State Level Mandates On Sustainable Mobility
  • Evaluation Of Key Inputs, Considerations & Assumptions To Calculate The Carbon Emissions Of Key Raw Materials Including Steel, Aluminum, Plastics & Composites
  • Solutions For Calculating The Carbon Emissions Of Body Structure Materials At The End Of Vehicle Life
  • How To Approach Life Cycle Assessments Of Electric Vehicles Including The Carbon Footprint Of Electricity As A Baseline Value
  • Lithium-Ion Batteries Life Cycle Assessment Including The End Of Life Portion
  • Efficient, Cost-Effective Data Gathering For Life Cycle Assessments & Carbon Footprint Measurement
  • Evaluation Of The Pros & Cons Of Competing Cradle To Grave LCA & Carbon Footprint Measurement Methodologies Including Scope 3 Emissions


Evaluate The Carbon Neutral Future Of Steel, Aluminium, Magnesium, Plastics, Composites & Biodegradable Materials

  • OEM Visions On The Future Roadmap For Utilizing Low Carbon, Recyclable Materials With Applicable Performance Characteristics At An Affordable Cost
  • An OEM Perspective On Accounting For & Managing Scope Three Emissions
  • Material Supplier Visions On Cost Effectively Producing Low Carbon, Recyclable Raw Materials With Realizable Performance Characteristics
  • Sustainable, Low Carbon Manufacturing Of Key Automotive Modules, Components & Parts Throughout The Supply Chain
  • Utilizing Recycled Biobased & Biodegradable Materials For Vehicle Interior Applications - Key Learnings On Overcoming Challenges
  • Successful Approaches To Increasing Circular Economy Levels & How They Can Be Practically Applied Across Your Operations


Assess Commercially Viable Pathways For Scaling Up Battery Recycling & Reuse

  • Lessons From OEM Thought Leaders - & The Battery Supply Chain - On Planning For Battery End Of Life, At High Volumes
  • Investigating The Direction & Trends Of Battery End Of Life Regulation & How To Prepare For It
  • Investigating The Range Of Available Options For Batteries at End Of Life & Their Financial Viability
  • OEM Case Study On The Roadmap For Scaling-Up Stationary Battery Usage Within Facilities
  • Utility, Commercial & Residential Markets For Stationary Batteries
  • Learning From Lithium Ion Battery Recyclers In China On Scale Up Opportunities For North America
  • Views On The New North American Supply Chain For Battery End Of Life & Recycling

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